cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, widely-used files or devices that are installed on the user’s browser in order to store, retrieve or update data. They enable a website administrator to record user preferences when browsing the website and customise the services offered based on those preferences.

At we only use third-party cookies in an anonymous manner to enable us to perform usage analysis and measurement to ensure that our websites are working properly and to improve their content.

The third-party cookies that we use on to obtain information on visits, measure and analyse web browsing and personalise some services are owned by Google Universal Analytics, which collects this data by anonymising the IP addresses of users. We also use a Windows Azure technical cookie that does not collect data.

Types of cookies

Depending on their purpose, cookies can be:

  • Technical cookies: necessary for browsing. Without them the website would not work properly (“user input” cookies for online shopping carts, multimedia player session cookies, etc.).
  • Customisation or configuration cookies: these enable the web page to recognise the user’s language, the font size, etc.
  • Security cookies: these prevent or hinder attacks against the website or its users.
  • Analytics cookies: these enable user activity to be measured and browsing statistics to be compiled.
  • Advertising cookies: these manage the frequency and content of the ads.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: these store information on the users to display customised advertising.


Controlling the use of cookies

If you would like to delete the cookies that are already installed on your terminal, you can do so in your browser. You will find instructions on how to do so in your browser’s help menu, where the steps for deleting them are explained. For further information:

Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer)

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Cookies we use

There are different types of cookies on our website and they are used for different purposes. The different types of cookies we use are listed below.


Third-party cookies

ARRAffinity: Cookie used to distribute traffic to the website on several servers in order to optimise response times. Expires at the end of the session.


Google Analytics

Cookie name Description



These cookies are used to monitor the performance of our website. We use this information to help us improve the website. The cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visits to our website, where the visitors to our website come from and the pages they visit.

If you wish to disable tracking by Google Analytics on all the websites you visit, please see the following link



Cookie name Description
We use YouTube to add videos that may be used to support the materials we have at Educaclima. The videos added do not install cookies and can be seen without the need for cookies. However, if you click on the “Share” button, YouTube will install cookies. The “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” cookie is used to estimate your bandwidth while the “use_hitbox” and “PREF” cookies increase the views counter in the session and video preferences in YouTube. These cookies do not collect information that identifies users.