Water: are we responsible?

9-12 years



+10 sessions


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SDG 6, 13

Throughout this resource, which is designed as a service learning project, we will travel around planet Earth as we analyse the main issues to do with WATER; the short-, long- and medium-term consequences of ICE MELTING; the health of our SEAS, OCEANS, RIVERS AND COASTS.

We will also carry out a practical analysis of the responsible use of water in our near environment, as well as sewage processing and the consequences of ice melting on the planet.


María Benito Jiménez: teacher specialised in Hearing and Language. 17 years working on diversity in classrooms in private, state-subsidised and state schools in the Spanish school system. Experience as a classroom tutor, tutor for students with autism spectrum disorder and specific support for hearing and motor disabilities.

Jairo Dopazo Alonso: teacher specialising in Physical Education and Foreign Language (English). Expert in cooperative learning. Twenty years of teaching experience in Primary Education in private, public and state-subsidised schools in the Spanish education system. Experience as a Specialist in PE and English, Tutor, Coordinator of official Bilingual Programmes of the Community of Madrid, Deputy Director and Director.



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